• The world leading
    Electronic Rust Control
    with 8 years warranty

  • With more than ¬† 2 million
    satisfied customer worldwide 

  • Rust Evader is the No. 1
    electronic corrosion control

  • Rust Evader is 1st
    anti-rust electronic-system for automotive

Neo Rust Evader

Welcome to neorustevader.com, website for the World's Leading Elcetronic Rust Control System, Neo Rust Evader, the latest development from Rust Evader Corp. USA that is able to give your car better protection from rust. With more than 2 millions satisfied customers worldwide, no wonder Rust Evader is the no.1 Electronic Corrosion Control device in the World. Want to know more? Browse this website to find out more about our product and its' benefits.


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